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Port Wine / Grape Wine
Beets with Parsley -Drink
Kulukki Sarbath / Spiced Lime Sharbath

Rice Dishes  

Breakfast  Recipes                                                        

Ari Pathiri / Malabar Pathiri 

Cakes & Brownies 

Patterned Cake Roll 
Cinderella Cake 

Bread , Cookies and Bakes

Hide & Seek Biscuits 
Bun From Scratch

Non Vegetarian 

Meat Dishes

Chicken Kebab
Orange Chicken

Sea Food 

Prawns Fry 
Squid Roast 

Egg Dishes 

Snacks/ For 4 o clock Hunger 
 - Appetizers 

Masala Biscuits 

Chicken Momos 

Dessert Treats 

Jello Pinwheels 

World Food 

Chipotle's Style Sofritas & Burrito Bowl 

Soups , Chutneys , Raita & Salad Recipe's 

Mung Beans Sprouts with Carrot Salad 

Palak Raita / Spinach in Yogurt 


Tomato Ketchup

Other Indian Food 


Kerala - Side Dishes 

Mathanga Erissery

Vendakka Paal Curry / Okra in Coconut Milk Curry 

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