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" Cooking Isn't Rocket science " 
I am Tara, born and brought up in Kerala - India, now nested in a very beautiful place called - Salt Lake City in the United States. 

Just for your info. - Please ignore any long stories that I have here while posting a recipe, as I started this blog in 2013 as my life journal or a space where I can share my thoughts, many of it are immature and unrelated 

My Home town- Kerala, India 

Start of this Blog was my attempt to get over the sadness and anxiety I dealt with the sudden demise of my Achachan (Dad)
Not sure if cooking and love for food comes with one's gene. My Achachan  was the first person who inspired me to enjoy food. He passed away few years ago after being diagnosed with Cancer and last few days with him was life changing experience for me. One of his last wish was to have some fish curry and Kanji (Rice porridge). 
Reminds me of the saying   "Food is memories on a plate" 

I am blessed with  2 daughters and am very thankful for my Husband who appreciates my cooking also criticizes it without fear :D  
I did my Masters in Dietetics however I don't work in the related field here but may be all the studies I did have instilled the teaching that " Man is what he eats " 

Happy to Welcome you to my blog.
Thanking you all for your great support and inspirations.

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