Sunday, December 6, 2020

Port Wine / Homemade Grape wine in Kerala

The history of Port Wine in Kerala/India : A story of Portuguese influence in Kerala. These are sweet Red wine. It is usually made during Christmas season and often enjoyed with the Plum Cake. 

Wine in Kerala are traditionally made in a "Baranni " A unique  earthen ware which is air tight and  dark in the inside and doesn't allow light to pass through however this can be made in a glass container as well, we'll just need to cover it with a thick cloth and keep in a nice dark place. 

Recipe here is how my  Amma makes it and her wine have had good reviews so do give it a try :) 


Red Grapes (Preferred) -  3 kg 
Sugar - 1 kg(May add more if you want your wine to taste more sweet) 
Water - 3  liters 
Yeast - 3 Tsp (I used active dry yeast)  
Wheat Kernels/ Godambu - a hand full or more (Optional)  
Cinnamon and cloves - few (Optional) 


* Boil water and cool completely. 
* Wash the grapes and steam it just for 5 minutes in a steamer , steaming is optional. 
    Do not cook the grapes as then Grapes will not ferment. 
    Steaming is just to eliminate any bugs also to open it a little bit. 

*May blend half quantity of the grapes just for a second to extract the juice from it but this step is optional. 

* Wash and dry glass container or a Baranni. Layer first the grapes (if you decide to blend little of the grapes add first this crushed grapes for layering) and then the whole grapes then add the sugar on top. 
*Pour the boiled and cooled water to the container.
* Add wheat kernels , spices (if adding) and yeast and close the container tight. Keep it in a comparatively warmer and dark place.
* Stir this mixture daily with a dry wooden spoon
*On the 21st day (You may keep it for longer time period)  strain it using a cheese cloth , transfer to store in a  clean and dry wine bottles. 

Tips for color : To add color I used a Beetroot to the wine mixture while fermenting, just cut and put that in.  May  add caramelized sugar syrup too gives it a different brownish tint (make sure the Caramel is cooled to room temperature) 

Adding color is completely optional. Wine will turn transparent overtime. Let it sit for a month untouched and sediments settles down to give it a great natural wine color. 

Note : Wine can be made with pretty much any fruit and my family back in Kerala are exploring possibilities with Banana, Nutmeg, Orange , Pineapples and I tried making wine with Prunes, Peaches and Apples.  
And our Christmas tree 2020 

Merry Christmas! 


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