Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thai Ice Tea - My way

Thai Ice Tea 

T for Tea
Fell in love with this Thai sweet tea , the day I had it first time , a very refreshing drink and I bet anyone who likes tea would love this one.

Try this drink , one of those evening's of a very busy day,  when you are all stressed out.
Think we get this thai Ice tea in any Asian grocery store here in US , but then I tried it with our local tea powder(which I brought from Kerala , I use Kannan devan /Tata Tea )  , there is some  difference,  still i liked it this way too,  as long as you are a person who like to drink tea , Tea in any form would be good I know, as I am a huge fan of it.
Tea is something without which I cannot imagine , how my life would have been , it was during my initial pregnancy period I hated even the smell of Tea , can you imagine something which was a part and parcel of my life then became something I hated the most , but that was only for those initial months , later I became an even greater fan of it
If you manage to get a Thai ice tea mix , just follow the instructions , I am not sure if this is the way that they make ice tea in Thailand , but you can give this a try ;)
This is how my Thai Ice tea looks like 
you will need a few ingredients, which am sure is always there in all Indian Kitchen  

Water - 3 cups
Crushed ice or ice cubes : how much ever you want it , depending on your glass 
Tea powder : 1 tsp
Sugar           : 3 table spoon for this whole glass of mine 
Half and half or evaporated milk : 1/4 cup 

Boil water with tea powder & sugar for a while , remove from heat and cool 
Once cooled , strain and pour it to a tall glass , add the crushed ice on it and do not stir , slowly pour the half and half or evaporated milk on top of the ice , then it takes some time for the milk to get mixed up with the .black tea underneath , hence gives a two layered/colored drink.
serve it with a lemon wedge slit and kept on top of the serving  glass - this is optional , i forgot to keep it this time , and I was a little impatient here to take another picture of the same with lemon on it , i just couldn't wait to have it.

If you don't have evaporated milk , substitute it with a half amount of it with whole milk and half with condensed milk , beat till well mixed and pour it over the iced black tea.


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