Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gift Box Cake - Strawberries in Chocolate cups

We never celebrated Valentines day , its not that I am against it , its because my better half doesn't believe in any So called "Made up day's" as he says all days were made for the benefit of business...what ever it was fun during the college days and now its fun to see "Hearts" every where.
My 4 year old NA is also celebrating Valentines day , she's asked to write her name on a Valentine - card and give to each of her class mates...anyways its fun...
Small thing in life which makes it special :)

I saw this Gift Box cake in Bakerella and I was determined to make this one day , there is lack of neatness I know still I was so excited to show it to everyone and I uploaded the pic in my FB.

Its real fun to work with these melted chocolates too but to enjoy it you should be alone at home - in the kitchen ;) Shaping chocolates doesn't need patience , its set within 10 minutes.I am little impatient and hence I only enjoy doing things which doesn't need much time and gives good results & that's why I love to paint but I hate stitching.

For the Chocolate cups - You will need

Semi Sweet Chocolate chips & White chocolate chips 
A brush 
Mini cake cups

* Place a double boiler and double boil the chocolate pieces until melted , do stir constantly.

*Take two cups attached and place 2 tsp of the melted chocolate on the cups , use a brush to spread it around the cups ,make sure it isn't transparent anywhere , it should be a nice thick coat.Place these cups in the freezer for 10 minutes.

*Check if its hard , spread another thin layer of melted chocolate on the cups and freeze again for another 10 minutes.

*Slowly remove the paper from the chocolate cups and your chocoltae cups are ready. Fill it with what ever you like ,Chocolate mousse , Ice cream or chocolate dipped strawberries like what I did here.

* For strawberies , dip strawberries in these melted chocolate and refrigerate until set.
Keep these refrigerated. 

Fondant Icing  is such a wonderful idea :) its real fun to work with , I never had an idea about fondant , and I used to wonder how these perfect theme cakes are made , thanks to my SIL who introduced fondant to me , its an expensive stuff if you buy it from store but then I made it at home with Marshmallows + Castor-sugar + Margarine If you make it at home its inexpensive , though little messy .... trust me its worth it.
An advantage of Fondant is that , it can be shaped and can be stored in the refrigerator for many days. 

Fondant Gel color 
Had this store bought Fondant with me , mixed some color and made a border , just shape it to what ever you like , freeze it for sometime until its firm and then assemble it on the cake.
* Made a chocolate brownie , covered it with some chocolate icing (On the sides so that the fondant strip would stay intact - as icing acts like a glue here)
*Place the fondant strip to the border.

*Arrange the Mini chocolate cups on the cake and then take pics as I did ;)

& NA came rushing to cut the cake.

Happy Valentines day to all who celebrate the  " Feast of Saint Valentine. "

        To know more about melting and shaping chocolates  click Melt-Chocolate & watch video on how to make Chocolate cups.
         To make a better cake -  check Bakerella


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