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Patterned Cake Roll / Painted Cake Roll with Video Presentation.

Roll cakes , this is the third trial to make a Swiss Roll and this time it is a real success , we call these "Jam Roll" in Kerala. My Achachen (Dad) used to treat us with these when he had some profit in his business as this was his favorite and I used to unfold the roll just for the fun of it and enjoy every bite of these...a bit of childhood memories and memories of my dad popping up , if he was alive the first thing I would have done when I reach home was to make these for him. 
Saw this video tutorial in  The novice housewife and roll cakes started rolling in my mind , was waiting for the "Gift box cake" to get over to bake the next one , or else Soccer man may come up with his usual doubts ;)

This was more or less an informal trial to make these but the outcome was very much satisfactory and I just couldn't keep myself from blogging these...may be that's because of my inexperience in Blogging or may be because I fall in the category of Impatient people in the world. 

I want to name these "Painted roll's " saw another link in YouTube and this time I copied the exact same design , just wanted to make sure this comes out well first before becoming artistic ;)

Here is the my first Video Presentation , since I don't have a Tripod for my Camera , its just pic's with the description ....

Hopefully I can make a better video next time :) 


Prepare Parchment paper and design first , I drew a rough design on a parchment sheet and reversed this sheet to place it on to a Sheet Pan / Flat pan. 

First Prepare the pattern ,pipe it to the paper (make the design) and freeze it for at least 15 minutes, so that the cake batter when poured wouldn't smudge the design.

For the Pattern / Paint - you will need 

1 egg white 
2 Tablespoon Butter (Room Temperature)
3 Tablespoon Sugar 
4 Tablespoon All purpose flour 
Food Color ( I used Purple and Pink) 

* Mix all ingredients with a spoon to make an icing consistency , if it seems to be loose add little more flour and sugar , or if it seems to be thick add little more melted butter and adjust the consistency so that its easy to pipe through the design. 

* Divide this mixture in to 2 and add food color to each portion , use a piping bag or else a plastic bag to pipe these over the design.

* After the designs are done , freeze this pan for at least 15 minutes till the design becomes little hard (so that it won't spread when the cake batter is poured over the top) 

For the Cake 

4 Eggs 
3/4 cup All Purpose flour 
3/4 cup Superfine Sugar 
Baking Powder - 1/2 tsp
1 tsp Vanilla extract 
2 table spoon warm water.

* Preheat the oven to 375 Degree F 
* Sift together Flour and Baking powder , keep aside.
*Beat Eggs with sugar till light and fluffy , add vanilla extract and warm water and beat again for another 4 to 5 minutes.
*Fold in , flour (flour with baking powder) , mix with a spoon to nicely combine every thing well. 
*Pour this batter over the pattern. Bake for 10 minutes in 375 Degree F.
After freezing , the designs are well set (check before pouring the batter , by touching it with your fingers , if its sticky freeze for some more time)

 * Bake it just for 10 minutes and take'em out immediately , sprinkle the surface or another sheet of  parchment paper with some confectionery sugar and flip the cake to this surface / paper.  

* Let cool for sometime (5 minutes)  and remove the parchment paper from top carefully , try to roll it from each ends so that it wont be stiff after it cools , roll these once and unroll to flatten  it again and let cool for another 5 to 10 minutes.

For the Filling 

Sugar Syrup - Mix 2 Tablespoon Hot water with 1 Table spoon Superfine sugar) 
& Mixed Fruit Jam ( Use any Jam or fruit Filling) 

* Apply sugar syrup over the cake using a brush or just sprinkle it over the cake ( for the syrup mix 2 table spoon of hot water with 1 table spoon of superfine sugar ) 

* Spread the Jam over the cake evenly.

* Roll the cake carefully , start rolling from the opposite end of the pattern , so that the designs are visible outside when fully rolled. 

*Refrigerate the Rolled cake for at least an hour , cut the ends off and the painted Jam Roll's are ready.

Roses are Red
 Violets are Blue 
Your Home is Blessed 
Because of you !
Happy Valentines Day :) 

Notes :
          Take a print out of any design you like and then keep it underneath the parchment paper and strait away start piping the design , you'll get a neatly done painted cakes then.
          If its difficult to place the parchment paper in position , stick it to the sheet pan using drops of batter and then start piping.

          Do not forget to freeze the design before pouring the cake batter , its better to start first with the design , and then make the batter for the cake while the design is freezing.  (or else keep the design in 375 degree preheated oven for just 1 minute and the designs will be set)

          Do not over bake the cake , just 10 minutes in 375 Degree is enough for the cake to set , take the cake out immediately as even little over baking can ruin your day , it will be difficult to roll'em.

        Thanks to the novicehousewife for the Inspiration :)
         Watch also Youtube - Kawaii Roll if thinking of making these.



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