Monday, February 3, 2014

Ari Pathiri/ Malabar Pathiri

 Most popular dish among the Muslims in Kerala. As in Wikipedia , its believed that "Pathiri " originated with the Arabs in Malabar - Kerala. One thing I knew about Pathiri was that it was tasty and super good with some meat dishes. Used to wait for these on the eve of Eid , my whole family enjoy a luxurious Dinner , which my friends mother packs for us , I still hope am in my hometown during the Ramadan time so that I won't miss that treat.
My friends Mother asks us to have coconut milk with the Pathiri and Chicken curry she packs for us, but then we don't have the patience to wait and we dig in to it as soon as it reaches home as it tastes too good as it is.
Initially It was tough making these and my whole day would be ruined because it took a whole lot of time , that was because I didn't know the correct consistency of the dough , but then I got the trick , its just like making Idiyappom - (Kerala style Rice Noodles) , mix the flour just like you do for Idiyappom then work with the dough with your hands to make it nice and smooth.


Rice Flour - 1 cup (Use store bought Pathiri -Rice flour if possible for best results)
Water - 1 cup
Salt to taste.


*Heat water in a pan , when it starts to bubble add salt , add flour gradually and keep stirring. Switch off the heat ,when all the flour is in. and keep stirring placing the pan in the stove top itself (while the heat is off)

*Do stir with the spoon as it will be hot to knead it with hands , once its cooled to warm , knead it with your hands for 5 - 10 minutes till they form nice and smooth dough and all are combined well. (Knead the dough well to make it smooth and still sticky , may rub your hands with water or little oil to prevent'em sticking to your hands)

My Finger prints  :)

*Make small balls with it and dust the surface with rice flour so its easy to roll'em. 

* Start to roll each one of them carefully like you do for chapathi.
   For nice circle shapes , may use a circular dish/bowl to cut the ends off. 

*Heat the Tawa for making the Pathiri ,  keep it on medium heat , dust off any flour on the pathiri as it may burn first and make it brown.
 If any dust seen on the tawa , use a wet towel / tissue to clear the tawa before placing the next Pathiri for cooking. 

*Flip the sides when the pathiri starts to bubble up , keep the pathiri rotating so that both the sides are well cooked.

*Serve hot with any Meat preparations or Tomato Curry or any Coconut milk based curry. 

Notes : The secret is in the kneading time , knead these nicely with hands or a stand mixer to make'em smooth.

         : Keep the tawa in medium heat , do clear the tawa with a wet cloth/tissue each time a pathiri is made so that there isn't any flour in the tawa. 



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