Thursday, April 11, 2019

Paalada Payasam

Happy New Year to all my friends in Kerala....I wish to see a Vishu Kani - the first thing that you see on this day which would be a treat to your eyes and heart. On this day I wait for pictures from my Hindu friends who would send this wonderful spread of hope along. Other than this I like to prioritize cleaning my house a day before Vishu and New year for some reason a clean house gives me a sense of satisfaction.

This Vishu is special for me because I have Chakka/ Jackfruits got it from China Town near Salt Lake city, I am not sure If I have posted about my love for this fruit before..I can eat it all day long, I know many people like me who loves the same, also have seen lot of people who hates it for some reason....
I can't understand the reason though :D

Went hunting for this fruit this weekend because for the last few weeks I was tempted seeing picture's of Chakka in whatapp, its the season there and I see in all my whatsapp family- group, pictures of Chakka :(

Thankfully I got it and it was super sweet. We are blessed to have a Jackfruit Tree/ Plaavu at our backyard in my house in Kerala, it bears very sweet chakka I must say, my Achachen/Dad  planted it there as he was also in the chakka lover's club. Last week my Mom was saying she saw in a dream a thief who was stealing Chakka from our tree,  the thief was bold and sincere enough to peep through the window of the bedroom where my mom was sleeping and tell her that he's taking one Chakka, she thought its a dream and she said "Okay"  Lol !! but guess what ?? next day morning she realized that one chakka was indeed missing and it was not her dream....sounds scary?? I was scared too but for few minutes couldn't stop laughing...a "sincere thief" or a Chakka lover
Our own Plaavu / Jackfruit tree :) 

Since I like to celebrate with people their happiness, I made today a special Payasam/Kheer in Kerala made with "Ada" that's pieces of rice batter/ or may call it rice pasta bits, though I haven't tried making it from scratch as its available in any store in Kerala, but I haven't seen it in any Indian store here, so I bring "Ada" from Kerala every time when I visit my place.
Usually Ada Pradaman is the most preferred Payasam/Dessert in Kerala but this one here is simple and easy to make with the fewer ingredients in the recipe.

Here's how I made it

Paalada /Rice Pasta Bits - 3/4 cups
Milk - 1 Liter
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Condensed Milk - 1/2 tin (Optional, use more sugar if not using condensed milk)
Cardamom crushed - 2-3 no's
Ghee/Clarified Butter - 1 tbsp
Nuts and Dry grapes - (Optional) few

  • Wash and drain Paalada , soak in little warm water (for 10 minutes)
  • Boil milk and reduce heat to low, add the soaked paalada and stir to mix, boil milk with Paalada for 30 minutes in low until its cooked.
  • Add Sugar, condensed milk if adding and continue stirring to cook for another 10 minutes
  • Switch off the heat when paalada is fully cooked and payasam thickens a little bit.
  • Fry the dry fruits in ghee, and this to the cooked payasam along with cardamom powder.

Shhhhh now a secret - follow the packet instructions in the Paalada mix packet like how I did :D I Just added some condensed milk to it and it tasted awesommmmm ....
Wishing once again a prosperous and blessed Malayalam New Year

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