Thursday, April 11, 2019

Chocolate Fondue for a Dripping cake

Happy New Year !!
I have been waiting to get to this new year. I have taken with me life experiences from 2018 when I had some health issues like never before, it was indeed my toughest year.I  am one among the luckiest to undergo 3 surgeries in 2 weeks time and I am so done with the unexpected twist and  turns life gave me last year. Situations forced me to believe superstitions at-least to some extend (that is the worst part ) as the very human mind was desperately wanting to find the reason why bad things kept happening in life. Anyway it helped me to realize all the blessings that I enjoy, my family and friends were of great support and help though more than my health I was concerned about my kids but thankfully they could understand things well and tried their best to adjust, these are crisis anybody who lives far away  from your family would need to think.
Was waiting to say good bye to the toughest memories. Life experience if it changed my life in a positive way is all that I want to keep. A warm welcome to this year with lots of happiness and hope. Everything happens for a reason is what I want to believe, that's how I console myself.
On that note, I request all who read my blog to forgive my imperfections, I have never spent dedicated time to make this blog any better but it is my wish to continue writing and sharing my life experiences and cooking experiments here.

December is usually the busiest month of the year for me, apart from baking and little bit of shopping for Christmas, all members of my family celebrate their birthday around this time and our wedding anniversary too, but everything was just like a passing day like every time :) But I managed to make a quick fix cake for our 12th wedding anniversary (you can make out by its looks) A cake for every special occasion has now become my tradition now and I didn't want to break it this time no matter what.

This cake should be typically called a semi naked-  dripping cake, that was what I tried here  LOL :D
You may buy any sponge cake - I made it from scratch, it is very simple and delicious too, here's the recipe -  Hot milk sponge cake  
For dripping cake frosting ,  recipe everywhere says just cream and chocolate chip (to be double boiled together) but I tried fondue because I could store it too, my kids love to have fruits dip.
Chocolate fondue - Recipe is adapted from -  "Joy of Baking"

There's no better description than how Stephanie does in her YouTube channel. Her recipes are always easy to try.

Semi sweet chocolate chips - 3/4 cups
Milk - 1/4 cup
Heavy cream - 1/2 cup
Butter - 3 tbsp
A pinch of salt
( I did not use sugar , may add 2 tsp brown sugar as in the original recipe)

*  Mix all ingredients in the list except chocolate chips, in a saucepan. Heat the same in medium heat until milk starts to boil.
*  Pour the boiling milk to the chocolate chips (in a heat safe bowl) and whisk nicely to melt the same and fondue is ready.
I also added a pinch of coffee powder, as described in the youtube below, you may add any other flavoring.
If making this for a dripping cake, cake needs to be chilled little bit to slow down its flow

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Pour the fondue over the lightly chilled cake slowly, so it flows and stops while on its way down. I then decorated the cake with some fondant flowers and berries.

I also want to share the candy cake made for my NA's  Birthday who turned 9 this year, cake was not that great, because it was just after my surgery  -  now that I have an excuse  ;)

Along with the imperfect cakes, sharing picture of a letter from my 9 year old while I was hospitalized, tiny things which makes you feel loved and happy.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New year

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