Thursday, April 11, 2019

Chakka Halwa

Memories keeps flooding in when I think about this fruit Chakka/Jackfurit ...but none to be shared when there is lots to talk about the recent tragic flood that hit my native land -Kerala. When people there have lost all of their memories and lifetime savings. They had to helplessly watch their memories getting drained away with the water which gushed in to their homes and all that is left now are layers of mud.
It is heartbreaking to see the different shades of green swallowed by the roaring water.When people stand still not knowing where, what and how to start to get life back again. My thoughts are to help at least one flood affected family to buy some/any of their necessary items which they lost. Rays of hope when it flows from many directions would definitely make it brighter.

"Onam "for Malayali's was disastrous this year, but it was amazing to see how people helped each other in times of hardship when everyone was striving to keep their heads from drowning.  Different religions opened their doors for people from other religious groups to offer prayers, they helped and supported each other  without any hesitation, there's no better example to prove communal harmony in Kerala, this state which is other wise called God's Own Country
As it is now in a stage of recouping,  I am sure it will take many years for people to get back to their normal life. I hope  and pray they don't get discouraged and disappointed  instead strengthen their heart and fight to win this challenging situation.

Coming to the recipe for the most delicious Chakka Halwa

I am very satisfied and happy that I tried to make this because am a huge fan of Chakka and the various dishes that they make with it.

Chakka/ Jackfruits - de seeded 1/2 kg
Jaggery - 350 gms (adjust as per tatse)
Water - 1.5 to 2 cups
Ghee and coconut oil - together half to 3/4th cup (Approx)
Cardamom  - 2-4 no's optional
Dry Ginger powder /Chukku podi - 1/4 tsp (Optional)
  • Cook Jackfruit pieces in .5 to 3/4th cup of water(cover and cook in medius heat for 15-20 minutes) stir occasionally. I read about pressure cooking the same in many other blogs, it says it will need more water if you are planning to pressure cook the Jack fruit pieces. Once this is cooked allow to cool.
  • In an thick bottom pan, heat jaggery in 1 cup water until melted, strain if need. Pour the strained jaggery syrup into the pan again and turn heat to low.
  • Nicely blend cooked jack fruit until no big lumps are seen, add this mixture to the melted jaggery. Turn heat to medium and start to stir and cook.
  • After 15 minutes of cooking, add the powder ingredients  if using (chukku podi/dry ginger powder and cardamon) and also add ghee or coconut oil little at a time. I used both ghee and coconut oil to make this. You may use only Ghee if you don't like the taste of coconut oil.
  • Continue stirring and cooking this mixture until it turns its color to dark brown, add ghee /oil when ever it tends to stick to the bottom of the pan. It takes at least 1.5 to 2 hours time to get this to a  Halwa consistency, the oil then starts to separate.
  • Transfer this to a greased pan and allow to cool, after a few minutes you'll be able to cut these to desired shapes.

I made it yesterday and to be honest I  was disappointed with the quantity of halwa I could make at the end , it was very less than I expected. Making of any Halwa isn't easy, you'll need lots of patience (I am working on it) Thought to give you heads up before you try it...
But the disappointment lasted just for few minutes as this chakka halwa is very sweet and it is really precious :D
if you are a fan of Chakka like me, you should try it :D


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