Saturday, May 4, 2019


When I was my daughters age, my after-school unlike her's used to be time at my Grandparents home, usually my Mom would go to the church in the evenings. I remember the disappointment when I don't see her home when I reach from school. I would then go with my Achachen (Dad) to his home, he would be near there where he had his business and I would spend the time talking, playing,eating but I wait for my Mom. There's always something missing when she was not around, that is the magic in Motherhood I feel now. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers who are reading :)  enjoy the heavenly gifts that you have, blessings of patience, love and sacrifice that you think no body notices, is knowingly or unknowingly very much valued.

My Mom used to bring for me a "Bun" from the church  and also a packet of "Unniappom" that she gets from a bakery near by the church and I must write that is still the best "Unniappom" I have ever had.When I reach home during my vacation, one among the first places that I visit in my hometown would be this Bakery :)

I make Unniappom at least once every month, but it was always made it using rice flour but this time I tried it the almost authentic way of making it.
Got the recipe from my friend, tested/tried and approved by many friends who had it when she made it.


Raw Rice (Pachari)  - 2 cups
Banana - 1 (big sized)
Maida - 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup (I mixed 1 tbsp of Wheat flour-optional)
Water - 1/2 cup (may need more)
Jaggery /Molasses - 2 cups ( adjust as per taste)
Coconut Bits - 1/4 cups
Cardamom pods -  2 no's powdered
Black Sesame seeds/ Ellu - 1 /2 tsp
Pinch of salt and Oil / Ghee for frying.


* Soak rice in water for few hour's (2-4 hour's)

* Melt Jaggery with water , might need to add little more water initially but boil it in low heat until  syrup starts to turn thick, keep to cool.

* Strain away excess water from rice, add cooled jaggery syrup, banana , cardamom pods and salt to the blender,blend it until smooth.  Keep this batter aside for few hour's to naturally ferment (4-6 hour's) please see video below, it would show the consistency of the batter that I made, adjust the consistency adding water / or Maida/ wheat flour to make it thick or thin as required.

* Fry coconut bits in coconut oil (preferably) until golden brown, keep to cool , add this and the ellu/ sesame seeds to the batter . Mix well.

* Heat Unniappom chatti in medium heat, add oil (just enough to cover 3/4th of each appom kuzhi / hole else when the batter is poured for frying, oil may over flow.

* Fry until brown on each sides, transfer to a tissue paper lined plate.

When cooled store in air tight containers, stays outside  for a week but mine got over soon.

Happy Mother's Day !!


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  1. I really loved your recipe. Will definitely try it at home. Yesterday I read Red Sauce Pasta Recipe and tried to make it. It was so delicious! I just can't explain the taste