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Sweet Pizza & A Doctor Consultation story.

You'll love it if you are a fan of Pizza's :)

Warning  : 

The following is a short description of my visit to an Eye Doctor recently and nothing related to the Sweet Pizza recipe given in the Caption , for those who are impatient like me, kindly scroll down to the recipe details as my description is slightly long , at times I go crazy and write lot of nonsense too :)

Last night I was insomniac, a concern which came up recently,striving to find a solution for the same, hence I had my eyes wide open and with the melodious sounds of good sleep of my people, I recollected one eventful day in my life.

My younger brother once took me to his favorite eye Dr, whom he said may seem funny and may talk silly but is brilliant. I agreed and went with him,without caring my Mom's warning as she knows that my bro has a tie up with all peculiar- characters.
Sorry VK ;)

Glad to see that I had to wait just for 2 more people before my chance to go in,
I noticed other people in the Queue, all of'em looked pensive, may be because of the wait period.
Sat on a seat, from where I could see a bit of the inside of that consultation room, the doors of which was kept open.While peeping in with extreme curiousness I could see only the Dr's hands holding some cotton and mystic devices which was constantly moving as if there was some informal surgery going on.

I  felt pity for "Nazeer"-  the patient whom the Dr was examining,as this Dr was loud enough to let even his neighbors know the patients name, and he would call out scream the name each time he asked the patient to roll his eyes towards something in that room.

I wondered - what made the patients confused in rolling their eyes?

After 3 hours of wait,it was my turn to go in, meanwhile I learned the names of 2 other patients who went it before me & also their eye issues. I prepared myself and planned on the ways to roll my eyes as I was almost sure of the things I'll be asked to do, decided not to give the Dr much stress from my side.

Finally I sat beside the Doctor on the patient's chair, glanced at the Doctor's face, to see if he looks normal....
and he very much did.

But the chair I was given to sit was very uncomfortable,
I didn't get enough space to keep my -
you know what ;)
but too scared to check what's wrong,there wasn't any way other than to adjust with the uncomfortable seat.

Dr took a white paper as usual and asked me to read

"Perfect" said the Dr
Any other issues ??

Happy because I could read till the last line, I asked him about a black - mole kind of spot on the white part of my eyes, which recently only did I notice

Just in case :)

Doctor stood up from his seat all of a sudden,
seeing his reaction a transition occurred in me from happiness to nervousness,
but he just got up to walk up to another desk,
and I could see my brother sitting outside starting to laugh.

 In the meantime I tried to move my uncomfortable chair a bit to my side which was not happening as if there was some hindrance.
 Seeing the Dr come back with all the equipment's, I withdrew from my trial to make myself comfortable & he examined my eyes in all possible ways & angles, standing/slanting/ posing as a well trained Yoga instructor.

Slow but powerful he seemed to me

As usual he told me to roll my eyes,but to my surprise I couldn't see any of those spots in that room - which he asked me to focus,
I don't think any person with a normal 20/20 vision would ever find those spots that easily.
and that's the reason why this Doctor took so long to consult each patients I guessed.

Doctor's looks towards me made me more anxious,
what I had asked him is a significant question he said,
a black spot in eyes can be as simple as a mole
as complicated as

 @#$#%^&%##     @#$%$^%@!@@$% -  that's the name of the disease that he told, I don't think I can write that name ever as it was almost like a "tongue twister" for me
Believe me I forgot the name,
all I understood from his words was that its serious.

I sat in that uncomfortable chair dumbstruck, heart broken to see my bro's pathetic looks towards me, he seemed to me as if distressed and irritated  - a feeling you'll have when a live game which you were watching with much enthusiasm suddenly got intercepted and now the television screen shows just the white and black -grains.

Now the only hope I had was the Dr words that  - 95% it should be fine but there is this 5 % chance which cannot be neglected,
He asked me to consult some one else in any other specialty hospital to make sure its okay.

My hands began to shake, and I could no more feel my body or mind in place & my eyes could no longer focus on any thing there, but still before I leave that room, I wanted to know why my chair was uncomfortable.
So tried my best to focus my blurred sight on the chair and down to its legs &
I noticed that It was actually tied up using a rope to the table ,with 2 of its legs inside the table stand.

Strange but confused..........

A mixed emotion which happens not that often in one's life,
 I then got a doubt if its the Doctor or Me who's insane???
Got out of the consultation room, holding the paper with some complicated disease name on it,

I hoped I heard it wrong or if it was just a bad dream

" Joy of life " then left me till the next day when I flew to another Eye specialist
who said my eyes are completely normal.
So what was all that confusion??
Now I like to think of it as just an other funny experience,
for my good or bad that it happened.
As that day, taught me few good lessons which, we as human beings tend to forget,
I confirmed that Life can be enjoyed only when it has a healthy body - which is also God's gift,
and there's no point in being anxious about the future,
as the plans that we do for our good will happen only if we have the fate too.


Coming to the Sweet Pizza Recipe.

This is one dessert that our friend served us once, she had bought it from a pizza store.
Since I had some dough sitting in my fridge, thought to give it a try.(and I tried it with the normal pizza dough that I made few days ago)
As for this Pizza , its good  to make the base little more sweeter than the regular one,
may also use any packed pizza base/ or dough and roll it, then make the toppings extra sweet.

Ingredients for Sweet Pizza Dough
(If not using any packed dough)

All purpose Flour - 2 cups (and more for dusting)
Instant Yeast - 2 and 1/2 tsp ( almost a sachet )
Sugar - 1 Tbsp
Brown Sugar - 3 Tbsp (may use honey or else white sugar)
Melted Butter - 2 table spoon(or more)
Warm milk - 1/2 cup (approx to make a soft dough )
A pinch of salt.


* Mix sugar to warm milk and add the yeast to it , keep it aside to activate yeast , takes almost 10 minutes. (milk shouldn't be hot , as very hot temperature may kill yeast ) smell the yeast and also it may rise a bit by 10 minutes.

 I go absent minded often  :( 

* Combine flour , salt , Brown sugar (honey or white sugar) and 1 table spoon (or little more)of melted butter and slowly add the milk- yeast mixture to the flour , work with your hands(if not using a stand mixer)  to make a dough.It should be soft , use somemore warm milk if necessary.
But if it looks more soft and its difficult to work with ,add a little more flour to make it pliable.

* Make a ball with the dough and coat with the rest of melted butter , cover with a wet cloth and keep it in a warm place to rise , this one rises quite soon , I kept these in my lightly preheated(preheated to warm) oven for about 45 minutes and it doubled its size by then.If not warm place it may take longer time to rise.

* Punch'em down and the dough is now ready. Sprinkle the surface with little flour and start rolling.
Refrigerated any left over dough for experimenting the next day, may refrigerate these till 3 days. (If you made more of this dough and plan to use it the following days , keep the portion for refrigeration before they rise, and on the day you use it , bring the dough back to room temperature ,then allow to rise)

*  For thin crust pizza , roll the dough thinner (1/4 inch thickness) and also prick the bottom of the dough with a fork to help air escape , then it won't rise and will help get a thin crust and it cooks in lesser time.High temperature plays a major role in cooking the inner crust part , minimum is 400 degree F , can make it higher to 450 F for better results.

For the Sweet Topping - use desired toppings
Like Nutella ,Peanut Butter or any other you like,

I used

Chocolate syrup
Condensed Milk
Melted Butter - little (to spread)
Strawberries - few sliced
Corn slakes or Cheerios  - 1/4 cup approx (For crunchiness, use any cheerios you like)
Semi sweet chocolate chips - few (optional)
Marshmallows - 1/2 cup


* Pre heat the oven to 450 Degree F, Spread melted butter over the rolled pizza dough. Bake this in the pre heated oven for 10 to 12 minutes on one side, flip to the other side and bake for another 5 to 7 minutes (until the sides turn lightly brown)

*  Meanwhile mix condensed milk and little chocolate syrup and keep aside.

* Takeout the baked pizza crust, spread the condensed milk - syrup mixture (may use Nutella instead) over the pizza first then top with some marshmallows ( spread evenly) Bake this again in 400 Degree oven for another 3 to 5 minutes.

* Take'em out and place sliced strawberries over ,sprinkle cheerios(or corn flakes) & chocolate chips Bake again for another 1 or 2 minute

* When done ,drizzle Chocolate syrup over the top and serve hot.
   May serve them cold too.

Try it with any other toppings you like
 Nutella would be the best I think but didn't have it here to try  :(

Happy Weekend !

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