Thursday, March 12, 2015

Garlic Bread From leftover Pizza Dough

Time to smell the Roses isn't that far I guess as its already mid of March.
Climate has been nice to the people in Salt Lake through out winter and last week was the best I think
Didn't bother the slight cold breeze in the evening when I went crazy to learn everything about tennis that same day, ended up in Neck sprain  :(
But that's not uncommon, at times I get super energetic to only end up feeling sick.
The same happened last summer, when myself and Soccer man decided to learn swimming of our own though he knew a bit about the same, we both took the challenge and started going for swimming everyday wholeheartedly.
Took YouTube lessons before we leave to practice without forgetting every step that the coach explained in the video, and one day I saw Soccer man swimming :(
Completed a lap without fail & I foresaw the even greater challenge awaiting me,when I saw his facial expressions each time he lifted his head to breath, a smile of achievement.
He made me take a video of him swimming to pass on to our friends and family and
once again I failed to answer him :(
I had no way other than to accept my failure,
but then I decided to learn it very soon , if possible the very next day itself,
tried my best every-way possible that day,
Loaded my super energetic mind with all - "I CAN" & " I WILL"
In water for almost 3 hours, continuing my trial to learn, but unfortunately the time was up for everyone to use the pool that day and I was forced to take a break.
The the next day I remember I had this heaviness of water in my head,
floating to the sides every time I tilt my head and that severe Head ache was even worse than any Migraine attack I ever had in my life,
anyways with that reason  I stopped going to the pool and I still haven't learned the breathing technique's while swimming :(

I regret , but I hope to learn it sometime :(

The problem is the fear of being sick as you know a women with a kid and responsibilities of a home doesn't often have the luxury of being lightly sick, like we used do while going to school, made use of that opportunity to get more attention & enjoy being pampered by our family.

My tongue urged to have something spicy, though something fried is what I prefer mostly,
Customizing my mind to avoid thinking about fried foods for least a month.
Garlic Bread is a wonderful snack to make, a super easy, flavorful snack,
liked by majority of people who tasted it.
Its super easy if you have some bread at home but this time I tried making the bread with the left over Pizza dough which I made last week. Have uploaded here some pic's of Garlic Bread made with French-bread too, as I make'em often.

For the Filling / Topping

Garlic - 10 no's crushed and finely chopped
Parsley - few springs chopped
Cilantro & Mint leaves- few springs chopped (Traditionally its not used, but I use it as it adds lot of flavor)
Crushed Pepper - 1/4 tsp or else use Green chili's chopped 2 to 4 no's (As per your preference)
Olive Oil - 1/3 cup or else use Butter.
Oregano dried - 1/2 tsp (optional)
Cheese - I used cheddar & Mozzarella grated (2 to 4 Tbsp Approx) may use more
Parmesan Cheese Powder - 1/4 cup
Salt to taste.
Extra Butter (if you like to spread on the bread)

Click here for Pizza Dough Recipe


While making these with Store bought bread, I haven't used any cheese as it tastes good even without it, but you may add it if you wish.

* Heat olive oil in a pan , add finely chopped garlic and saute these for a minute or 2

* Add salt, pepper or chopped green chili's (If using) ,switch off the heat, then add chopped leaves (Parsley ,Cilantro, Mint & Oregano -if using)

* Slice bread in to 1 inch thick pieces, spread Butter (if using) on one side of the bread first then spread 1 or 2 tsp of the garlic olive oil mix.

* Sprinkle some Parmesan cheese powder over each slices(if using)

* Arrange the bread slices one over the other, tightly pack the arranged bread with a foil sheet.

* Bake in 350 Preheated oven for 15 to 20 minutes.  Serve hot !

When making bread from dough, there isn't any cooking needed initially.
Just mix all the ingredients other than butter and cheese, keep aside.

* Preheat the Oven to 375 Degree F.

I used left over pizza dough, Click Here for Recipe
 Roll  the dough to 1/2 inch size thickness , spread half portion of the garlic -Olive oil mix over the top, fold this to half then slightly roll it to make the shape of the baking dish (in which you intend to bake) spread the other half of the garlic mixture over the dough.

 (May spread and fold again to get more layers's) 

*Line the baking pan with foil sheet, grease the same with some butter.
Keep the rolled and prepared dough in it, cover with a wet tissue and allow to rise for 20 to 40 minutes , until it rises a bit (Keep in warm place)

* Preheat the oven to 375 Degree F, Bake the bread uncovered for 20 minutes,
 take out the almost done bread , sprinkle grated cheese (Mozzarella , Cheddar) Parmesan Powder & Dried Oregano powder over (if using)

 Cover the dish with a foil (To avoid burning the top)  & Bake again.

* Continue baking for another 10 minutes or more (Until the sides turn lightly brown).

Slice n Serve Hot !

A wonderful snack to make , am sure you'll like it :)


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