Monday, December 8, 2014

Crepes - A Simple Breakfast Recipe

Yesterday I woke up early than usual ;) with throat pain, looked to the sides to see my people sound asleep, though I wanted to sleep for some more time, my throat desperately wanted to sip some hot water. So got up and opened the window blinds expecting to see that beautiful dawn but saw a full Moon instead, as even our Sun is now a days lazy to rise up - the season being Winter.
Kept the blinds open as I love seeing the first appearance of light in the sky before Sunrise.
Decided to try something different for Break Fast, with all the freshness that the first ray of light brought to my mind.

Crepe's with strawberries and chocolate syrup in some Coffee Shop caught my eye last week
 and was in my - To Try -List.

Crepe's are other wise called "Pan Cake" in Kerala (My place) and sometimes called "Love Letters" its usually rolled with Sweetened Coconut fillings and served as a snack there. Not sure why we call'em Love Letters may be because it has some sweetness when opened :)

I couldn't wait for my people to wake up
nor could I wait to try these sweet attractive Crepe's and Strawberries
so I enjoyed my BF alone  ;)


All Purpose flour - 1 cup(Approx)
Eggs - 1 (may use 2)
Milk - 1/2 cup to 1 cup
Salt to taste
Vanilla Essence - few drops

For Filling & Topping 

Cream cheese Softened  - 1/2 cup
Super fine sugar - 3 Tbsp
Strawberries - few no's sliced
Chocolate syrup -(I used Hershey's syrup)
Powdered Sugar (optional) - to sprinkle

May Fill any Jelly that you like instead of Cream cheese & Sugar.


* Beat eggs nicely then add All purpose flour , salt, Vanilla essence and milk - beat again to combine, adjust batter consistency to make it free flowing (add more milk or more flour to adjust consistency accordingly)

* Mix Cream cheese and sugar, combine nicely and keep aside.

* Heat a Pan cake Pan or any Dosa pan , rub some oil on the pan using tissue,
 Pour ladle full batter on the heated pan , tilt the pan to spread it around or else use the ladle itself to spread it around in clockwise direction

* Flip to the other side when one side is done nicely (1 to 2 minutes approx in medium to low heat ) ,  Remove from pan when both sides are nicely cooked.

* Spread a spoon full Cream filling (or any Jelly if you like)
 Fold in to quarters and place on a serving plate. Repeat to make more crepe's.

* Place some sliced Strawberries on the crepe's , drizzle chocolate syrup on top, may sprinkle some powdered sugar -  like how the experts does ;) and serve.



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