Monday, December 15, 2014

Cinderella and her Garden Cake

While I was a small girl, I was gifted with a  Disney Story book by my Uncle.
 I remember how I used to imagine those sparkling shoes and Gown of Cinderella.
And Cinderella became my favorite Princesses ever.
 I still have that book with me and now its NA's favorite story book too, though she knows it was her Mom's and also its old.

 It was Na's Birthday last week, she had Cinderella in her mind while planning her Birthday cake, may be because I exaggerate  about "Cinderella" more than any other princesses during her story time.
but she was still confused and couldn't decide on her birthday cake theme as "Disney" is very much successful in making the girl kids crazy for the new Disney Queen's "Elsa & Anna"
Anyways I somehow managed to convince NA about making a Cinderella themed Cake for her birthday, as it was my dream cake too from the time I started seeing themed cakes.
Told her that she'll have Cinderella, her pumpkin Carriage, Sparkling shoes and many more stuffs on her cake but by the time I finished I had nothing that I promised :(

But she was super happy with the "Cinderella" which I placed on a garden themed cake.
And named the cake "Cinderella and her Garden" glad that she forgot about the theme :)
As Kids are so innocent , hope she would continue to be the same while she grows up too,
I know all mothers would be wishing the same.

I haven't attended any cake making classes so far and got no experience making the same.
Though have seen cake making , fondant and other icing ideas in some cake centered Blogs and You-tube. Thanks to my Sister in Law who inspired me, she's a theme cake enthusiast, who makes themed cakes for her kids every year.
This is not a complete , perfect looking cake I know , still we learn with trials and errors, I think I learn something every time I do icing on a cake.
Hope I can be an expert some day :) like many cake experts whom I adore.

Here is the cake that I made for Na for her Birthday this year.

Made 2 Chocolate Cakes - Click on the link for the recipe , its better to make cakes from scratch when its a themed cake , rather than making it from the cake mix as it turns out too soft to handle and is difficult to carve or cut into desired shapes.
Cut one of the cake to a semi circle and placed it on top of the other chocolate cake, to make it look little bigger in size.

Following are Few important things that I learned :)

* Once the cake is baked, wait for it to comedown to room temperature , or else the butter or icing which we spread on it would get melted.

* Level the cake with a knife or  flip the cake up side down, as the down part is always leveled ,  making it easier to spread the frosting.

* Spread the cake with a thin coating of the icing, which they call the crumb coating, it gives more finishing to the cake.

* Made mushrooms ,some roses  and leaves with the fondant, for the garden, I had a fondant flower shaped cutter to shape some small flowers (Pink, yellow , white and blue flowers on the cake here)
 Can make these days ahead and freeze it in an air tight box, assemble it on the cake when needed.

* In this cake the "Cinderella"  is a small doll , inserted that doll in to a cup cake,covered the cup cake doll with a white fondant and gave some pleats, freezed it for 5 minutes then covered the dress with an other blue colored fondant.

Cinderella looks over weight I know,  but this is the second-round dress that I made for her,
 the first one that I made seemed 9 months pregnant. ;)

Super happy to see the Kids excited seeing the cake.
I had to take out the Cinderella Doll from a small kid's mouth as she was waiting for NA to cut the cake, though I had given her a small piece from that Doll-cup cake, she was not satisfied and tried to eat up the entire Cinderella doll :)


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