Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jell-O Pinwheels

Got attracted towards these Jello Pinwheels - a very colorful dessert, while searching for some recipes in the net, Was keen to try it as its a super easy & real quick to make dessert.

NA was super excited to taste these freak looking bites :)

For making these You'll need 

Jello - any flavor or color you like - 1 Packet (85 gm Approx)

and some Mini Marshmallow's - about 3/4 cup 


* Line a flat medium sized Tray (Cookie Tray ) with an aluminium foil , grease with butter or use a Non stick cooking spray. 

* Stir 1/2 cup of hot water to the Jello contents, stir to dissolve the contents completely. 

* Add the Marshmallow's to it and microwave for a minute , take out and stir to combine till its dissolved and become frothy.  

(Check if its dissolved completely , if not heat in microwave for another 45 seconds to completely dissolve and combine) 

* Pour this mixture to the prepared (Greased) Pan and freeze for 40 to 50 Minutes.

* Slowly run a knife through the ends and , try lifting the sides first before trying to roll'em.

* Using a sharp knife or any thread (as shown in the video) cut in to 1 inch sized round pieces (Size  as desirable) 

* Serve or Refrigerate.

I had fun making these with NA. 
Am sure any kid who can read the instructions can make these too. 
Its a fun treat for kids. :)

Enjoy !


Here is the Youtube Link - making of Jello Pinwheels. 

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