Friday, November 21, 2014

Garden Rotini with Indian Spices / Kothu Pasta

I remember my Achachen/ Dad used to calculate huge mathematical calculations in his mind first before confirming it with the calculator, though he knew that calculators makes things easy and fast, and then when the Computer came into use, it was so hard for him to accept that drastic change,
we never tried to explain to him the changes that would bring to his business by just using Computer or may be he didn't want that change to happen.
A change is so very difficult to execute, though we know it always mostly does good.
Most of us adapt to the usual way of approach no matter what, because that would help us attain a comfort level, but we being in this fast growing competitive World,are always forced to change for the better.

Saw an interesting Quote about "Change" so thought to post it here.

Everything is going to change, even if we don't want it to be, so lets change when its needed.
There was this Executive Order by the President of the United States regarding Immigration Reforms and the new plans associated yesterday. 
As millions of illegal residents who came to the US with hopes and aspirations,celebrate their freedom in this beautiful Country, we - the H4 visa holders who couldn't work here till now also celebrate and welcome the changes that's going to happen.
Hopefully waiting for our Employment Authorization Document provision and then we are ready to work :) 

Happy Happy.

Well all these have nothing to do with this particular Pasta dish other than the Indian flavor change.

I had these Garden Rotini Pasta's lying in my pantry for sometime now so made this with it , may use any other pasta's for making this dish.
I am not sure if a Mac & Cheese fan can accept this change still if you prefer Indian spices and flavors , do give it a try. 

Recipe is similar to a popular South Indian Dish called " Kothu - Porotta " only difference is the use of Pasta instead of shredded Porotta (Indian Bread) Pieces.
Its good if you use stalk while cooking like any left over chicken or beef stalk , this makes its extra flavorful.
If vegetarian may use any seasoning available like the Maggi Seasoning used for Noodle's.


Any Pasta's - 1 cup or more
Onion - 1 medium chopped in to cubes
Ginger and Garlic - 1 tsp each finely chopped
Broccoli Florets - few (Optional)
Carrot & Potatoes - 1 medium sized cubed (use any vegetable's you like)
Bell Pepper's - 2 (I used red and Green) cubed
Tomatoes / cherry tomatoes - few cubed or sliced
Vegetable Oil - 2 Tb Sp

Indian Spices

Coriander Powder - 2 Tsp
Red chili Powder or flakes / or Paprika  - 1 Tsp (Adjust as per your preference )
Cumin Powder - 1/2 tsp
Garam Masala or else use Chicken Masala Powder (store bought) - 2 Tsp
Vegetable Stalk or any meat-stalk - 3/4 cup (Approx)
Eggs - 2 no's beaten (Optional)
Cilantro / Green onions etc to garnish - (I didn't use  )


* Cook pasta (till almost done )as per the instructions given its cover, strain and keep aside.

* Heat oil in a pan, add ginger,garlic , onion ,cubed potatoes,carrots & Broccoli florets (add vegetable's which need more cooking time first) cook in medium to low heat till the potatoes (if using) are nicely cooked.
May sprinkle water in between to avoid sticking to the bottom of the pan.

* Add  then the almost cooked pasta's to the above mixture , stir and add the spices - Coriander powder , Cumin Powder , Chili Powder or flakes , Garam Masala or chicken Masala powder and salt. Stir to combine and then add the stalk. (I used the beef stalk which I cooked before,any left over non-vegetarian  thin- curry or gravy would be tasty too)

* Cook till the stalk gets dried, Pasta and vegetable's then absorbs all the flavors from the stalk, stir occasionally

* Using a spoon, move all the contents of the pan to one side to make space to cook the beaten egg,
may drizzle few drops of oil if wanted, pour beaten egg, and allow to cook a bit before stirring.

* Stir to combine everything well when the egg turns its color, Keep heat to medium, add all the other vegetables which needs less cooking (Bell Peppers, green onion,tomatoes etc)

* A final stir and its ready, Transfer to a serving dish , garish with Cilantro or Green onions (optional) and serve hot as a snack or as an appetizer.

Notes :

           This is one pasta dish I liked the most other than Mac&Cheese, may be because I added all spices which I prefer the most. Please use those spices you like, may add or omit any ingredients from the list according to your family choices.
           Add any other herbs like Basil , Oregano etc to give it a different taste.May add some cooked shredded chicken pieces or else add any cheese or Paneer to make it all vegetarian.

Congrats to all dependent H4 visa Holders in USA , we see a Ray Of Hope :)


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