Friday, July 18, 2014

Madura Seva - Baked / Sweetened Gram flour Noodles - Kerala Snack Recipe

A very popular Fried Snack seen in almost all bakeries in Kerala.
Idea of baking came all of a sudden like a thrust when I checked my weight after a long time :(
till then I believed that I knew my physique and never did I notice changes in me :(
Thanks to my friend who has placed a weighing machine in her dining room itself, now I know there is some good phycology working inside us when we have the weighing machine somewhere visible to our eyes while having food.

I didn't feel much difference with the baked version of the same, Wonder why then they fried it ?? I myself came to a conclusion that during those days and even now using of tandoor or baking is not that familiar in my the next option would have been frying.

Here is the Recipe

Since I was trying to bake it for the first time, the quantity I used here is less .


Gram Flour/Chickpea Flour/Besan - 1 cup
Rice Flour - 2 Tb Sp
Salt to taste
Water as needed to make a soft dough (1/4 cup Approx)
Oil to grease the Press/Idiyappom maker and the baking tray

For Sugar Syrup

White Sugar - 3/4 cup
Water - 1/4 cup
Cardamom - 2 no's crushed (Optional)

You'll also need an Idiyappom press /Maker for piping the noodles
 (Or else use a plastic storage bag, cut its ends off and pipe the same.


* To make the Sugar syrup , heat sugar and water in medium to low heat , until all the sugar dissolves and the water becomes thick to 1 thread consistency (20 to 25 Minutes Approx), add Crushed Cardamom for flavoring and Keep Aside

* Preheat the Oven to 350 Degree F

* Make a soft dough with the flour ingredients and water (Mixing Gram Flour, Rice flour and salt)
  (Add water little at a time and mix with your hands, this helps to know its consistency better.

* Grease the Idiyappom Press and the Baking tray with little oil.(Not required to grease the plastic storage bag ,if using the same for piping)  Press the dough to the baking tray.

* Make long thread on to the tray (its fine even if it breaks as we'll have to break it later). Drizzle few drops of oil over and bake in 350 Degree F for 12 to 15 minutes.
 (Keep the tray in the lower most rack in the oven , flip to the other side after 7 minutes so that all sides are cooked and becomes crispy , bake till its sides turns lightly brown)

* Lightly break these baked seva/Noodles and Mix it with the sugar syrup to evenly coat the seva with sugar.

* The sugar syrup crystallizes and gives a white coat to the seva/Noodles.
May use some powdered sugar to dust the seva once again after cooling, I didn't do as it makes the seva super sweet then.

* Snack is ready now.Store these in air tight containers.

         This snack is traditionally made by frying, if you wish do deep fry the seva/Noodles instead of baking. I felt baking is equally good. Do keep an eye while baking, flip the sides in between as you do while frying also need to bake it until the sides starts to brown or else that crispiness will be missing.


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