Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kulukki Sarbath / Spiced - Lime Sharbat

Have a specialty drink today to beat the heat this Summer.
"Kulukki" in Malayalam - our language means "Shake". This Sarbath is a blend of spicy Green chili's (Thai Pepper) , some fruit bits (usually Pineapple) , Lime Juice and some Chia Seeds (Basil/Falooda Seeds)

Found an interesting Shake Dance video here with the song " Kulukki thaka "

This recipe was passed on to me by my younger Brother who now lives in Kochi - The most happening place in Kerala,this being a popular drink there.
 For that "Shake effect" :)  in Kuluki Sarbath need to have this from any street shops in Kerala.
I never got a chance to try this particular "Kulukki Sarbath " there though the normal Sarbath with Lime is a must have drink for everyone - everyday during the peak summer Months.

I tried it here first time and it was truly a refreshing treat.

Ingredients - makes just 2 big glass.

Juice of 2 to 3 Juicy lime
Pineapple's or Apple chopped - 1/4 cup (Finely Chopped Preferred)
Chia Seeds (Basil Seeds) - 1 Tb Sp
Green Chili's (Thai Green Peppers) - 2 No sliced
Sugar syrup - 3 Tb Sp sugar + 1/4 cup Water
Honey - 2 Tb Sp
Soda - to fill the glass (Optional , if not add ice and plain water, though soda gives the best result)
Lime Wedges and some Sugar to garnish (Optional)


* Soak Chia seeds in water for at least 10 minutes.

* Make sugar syrup with Sugar and water, to make the same heat sugar in a heat proof bowl when it starts to melt and brown little bit add water , let all the sugar melt and the water boil for a minute. Switch off the heat and add chopped fruits to it (Pineapple or Apple). Keep aside to cool.

* In a shaker or any Mixing Bowl , add the soaked and drained Chia Seeds, Sugar syrup with chopped fruits,Lime juice,Sliced Chili's and Honey.
Mix or shake nicely, pour this to the serving glass till half filled, Pour the soda to fill the glass to the brim and serve.

One month just flew and the World Cup is over....Hope you guys enjoyed the Finals as we did, only thing we missed was our favorite Soccer player - Messi lifting the World cup trophy :(

Congratz Germany - the best team won - I think that's what the World says.

Notes :
      * To make a sugar coated Brim (On the Glass as shown in the picture) first rub the lime                       wedges on the brim, and invert to dip lightly the glass in sugar.

        *  Chia seeds are called Basil Seeds or Falooda seeds in India.
           We get it in any Mediterranean or else in Mexican Grocery store's in US.
           It has got a wide range of health benefits especially for the functioning of Heart,as its rich in            Fiber and loaded with Antioxidants.


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