Monday, April 7, 2014

Caramelized Plantain Rolls

Yesterday I met one of my friend , a mother of two, who was fed up feeding her small kids , both being extremely picky-eaters ,she was so desperate and anxious , and looked exhausted...
I forgot that stage when my kid was the same , I didn't have the patience to go behind her  and force her to eat....though I remember I spent sleepless nights , being worried and thinking about ways to improve her eating habits...but still she's the same :(
But sometimes changing that usual recipe in to something different , like its looks makes it interesting. specially for kids , they get attracted to different shapes and extra accessories, am sure all Mothers knows this trick...
but sometimes kids are trickier than their Mothers :)

This is an usual way of preparing ripe Plantains , in Kerala , the plantains are slit in to half and then toasted with little of Ghee/Clarified butter and sugar - which gives a caramelized coating to it.
To make it interesting , filled'em up with some coconut - sugar mixture and rolled'em to make it look attractive , my Kid liked it this time...and asked me to name it " Plantain Lollipop"
This is a rich snack , recommended very much for kids and occasionally for diet conscious Adults as there is Ghee/ Butter , sugar and carbohydrates in there.

For those who are confused about Plantains and Banana's , found a Blog Here , where they have stated clearly the difference between the two.

Ingredients for these Plantain Lollipops 

Plantains - I used 2 medium size,ripe plantains
Ghee/ Clarified butter - a few drops for each plantain strips
Sugar - 1 tsp for each strips

For Filling

Coconut - 1/2 cup grated
Sugar - 3 Tb Sp
Cardamom powder or vanilla essence for flavoring (Cardamom works better)

May add some dry fruits like nuts , dry grapes or even dates , to make'em extra rich,
I didn't use it as we parents are at present on a " less fat Diet " ;)
usually what ever I make for my NA , will end up in our stomach.


* For the filling , heat grated coconut with sugar and cardamom powder or vanilla ,  for 5 to 7 minutes, stirring vigorously  in medium heat and keep aside.

* Slit Plantains length wise in to thin strips as possible.

* Heat a flat pan (Preferably a non stick pan or else grease the pan with some oil or ghee/ clarified butter before using) place each strips on to the pan.

* Spread few drops of ghee on the plantain strips and flip to cook until both the sides are slightly brown, once its brown , sprinkle some sugar on the strips and flip & cook for a minutes on both sides and transfer to a plate.

* Spread the coconut filling on each caramelized plantain strips and roll'em , tuck in , a skewer or a stick to hold'em tight.

Serve hot as a snack / or with Break fast.


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