Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Herb Drink with Beets & Parsley

Recently I watched an interview of a poet in the television, she was saying that she was a sensitive person when she was young but being sensitive is not a good thing, like feeling hurt and degraded for no real reason.....but then she said she changed as she learned to suppress that feeling of her's because it disturbed her much...
she said that experiences helped her change. 

How I wish I could attain that positive energy she attained as me being a sensitive kind of person, find some silly reason to bother my happiness....hopefully like she said experiences would help me change too...
Why am I writing all these here ??? Today I got some reason to be unhappy and sad.....anyways hoping to get some appeasement by writing it out in my blog.....not sure if there is an ethics to be followed while blogging , if a blogger should always be positive??? 
Anyways for me this is more than a blog.....

I know Beetroot Juice has nothing to do to prevent being sensitive :) 

but it contributes a lot of good nutrients which helps in keeping our body happy.
Its a herb drink as its a blend of super healthy Beetroot and Parsley - another healthy ingredients.

Few benefit of this drink - 

         * It helps to lower Blood pressure as both Beetroot and Parsley contributes much in reducing Blood pressure , hence this drink is something which can be included in DASH Diet - That's Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension - what Doctors suggest if the Blood pressure is in border line high and has a risk of Hypertension in future. 

          * Its a fiber rich drink , best if not strained , Flavonoids in Beetroots with its Anti -Oxidant property prevents Heart disease and are Anti Cancerous.

          * Have added Lemon juice which itself has Vitamin C , the combination of Flavonoids and Vitamin C works good as Flavonoids helps in the complete absorption of Vitamin C in our body.  

           * Good for stomach health , helps in digestion and relieves flatulence. 

           * Parsley - is categorized among Herb's as its used as a detoxifying agent , especially for the well being of Kidney , but for some reason Pregnant women are not advised to have Parsley

For more information about Parsley - benefits and side effects Click Here


Beetroot - 1/2 of a medium size 
Parsley - few springs (3/4 cup when chopped) 
Lemon Juice - 2 Tb Sp 
Sugar / Jaggery / Honey /Dates syrup - 2 Tb Sp (Use any one sweet ingredient , adjust according to your preference) 
Water - 1 cup 


* Grind all ingredients till nice and smooth , strain and serve immediately. 
(To get that full fiber from the ingredients , do not strain) 



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