Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Jello

Its a Snowy day today, extremely lazy to do anything but it reminded me that the Christmas is near. Snow has something to do with Christmas that's what I have heard , all those stories about the Santa coming in the sleigh,  sitting near the fire place ....

I thought to start with some Christmas cooking.Saw this one in my favorite blog of (Ree Drummond) a few months ago and was waiting for Christmas to come to try the same, I was the most excited one here to see these jello's all set though my NA came rushing to eat these, didn't have the patience to wait till I finish taking pictures.

All you need are these 

Hey but mine was a small square shaped dish , I used One packet each of these colored jello's and 3 sachets of Gelatin and also half a tin of sweetened condensed milk.

The mixture is the same , just follow the procedure given below 

* Butter the pudding dish preferably glass ware and wipe with a tissue paper to remove any excess butter.

* Prepare 1 cup of red jello (Cherry Flavored ) first 
For 1 cup jello - put a little more than 1/2 portion of one Gelatin sachet in to a glass or cup , mix with little cold water, once its mixed , add boiling water to it to fill the cup ( I used a  glass ) add less than half portion of a cherry flavored jello powder to the glass , mix nicely till all the powder dissolves , pour it to a glass dish or pudding tray and freeze.

* Next is the white mixture 
For 1 cup White mixture - put the rest of the gelatin (from the sachet used for the above mixture ) mix with a little cold water , then pour hot or boiling  water , and stir , followed by the condensed milk ,add about 2 to 3 table spoon of condensed milk , mix well and keep in a warmer place like some where near the stove , wait till the above mixture (Red mixture) solidifies , takes less than 10 minutes. Pour this white mixture over the red one  , but first check if the red layer is nicely set.

* Prepare the green Jello as you do for the Red one (given above) and pour over the white mixture, make sure the white mixture is all set or else it would ruin the whole dish. Repeat ,  till the glass container is filled or till you think you should stop , three layered with just red , white and green looks good too. 

Poke the bubble's with a toothpick before pouring the next layer.

Thought to keep the dish outside to set , just for the fun of it 

The End 


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