Friday, December 6, 2013

Chicken Roast Curry

My husband's Grand mother cooks chicken this way ,  "Coconut Milk " makes this dish special and also the  most acceptable dish in our place.


Chicken 1/2 kg 
Ginger and garlic crushed -4 tablespoon
Onion - 1 Big sliced 
Green chili - 2no's (Optional)
Vinegar - 1 Table spoon 
Potato's - 2 small
Oil -Vegetable oil (I used coconut oil ) -3 to 4  tablespoon 
Curry leaves - Little 
Turmeric owder - 1tsp
Coriander Powder -  2 tsp
Red Chili Powder - 3tsp or less according to your need 
Coconut milk - 1 cup 
Meat Masala Powder - all spices I used freshly powdered  Fennel seeds,cardamom,cinnamon stick and cloves) 
Salt to taste 
Little of pepper powder for marinating (optional)


*Marinate the chicken pieces with Turmeric powder , all spices or chicken masala powder ,vinegar, salt ,pepper and green chili , a little of the ginger and garlic crushed and  a little of the chopped onion (less than half amount of the total amount needed for the recipe ) marinate for an hour or so , you can make these without much marination time , anyway the recipe taste good if you marinate it more or the curry would taste better the next day as the meat is given enough time to absorb all the flavor's it has been cooked with.
* Cook this marinated chicken for a while , till almost done , it takes 1/2 and hour of cooking in medium flame ,cook these covered with a little water added to it.
* In another pan Heat Oil , and shallow fry the cooked chicken pieces ,  remove and keep aside.
 to the same oil add crushed ginger and garlic , then add the sliced  onions, cook till the nion turns little brown (little more than golden brown) , add coriander powder and chili powder and the curry leaves , add the chicken stalk (the gravy which you get from the cooked chicken) , then add the shallow fried chicken pieces , cook for another 10 mints in low flame after it boils
* Add the coconut milk , I use the canned coconut milk available here , if the curry looks thick, add little water to make the curry consistency as you wish or to make it thick , cook for a little more time stirring occasionally.
* Fried the potato slices and garnished the dish with these, as this dish was made for some guest, so  tried it to make it more appealing , you can add the potato's with the chicken pieces when you cook them initially.
 I like to have this dish with Chapathi (Indian flat Bread) , Appam or normal bread more than with rice 

NB : For those who are diet conscious , omit the frying of chicken pieces here , instead , just add the cooked chicken pieces to the gravy instead of shallow  frying it and adding ,  you can reduce the amount of oil used in recipe then.

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