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Pineapple Basundi

Please scroll down for recipe :) heads up just in case.
I was in the grocery store as usual a Friday thing to do, grocery shopping is something that makes me satisfied...I know its weird when people would be listening to music , relaxing  or spending  quality time with family and friends, I write about being in a grocery store on Friday 😆
but I just enjoy this,  as much as I enjoy cooking....
Came across this cute couple and their little angel in the store , they were in some conversation as when I saw them from far, I could see them playing with their kid may be to keep her occupied.
had to walk closer to them to pick something and realized that both of them were deaf and dumb, I couldn't keep myself from watching their baby girl, curious to know if she could speak or hear,
their girl was also quite not sure if  she is quite with her quite parents ? if she cries could her parents hear ?
I was sure they weren't noticing me, as they were in their world, would have tasks to accomplish  together, and wouldn't waste time to get sympathized.
I could see the love and closeness within them when they converse in sign language,
they don't have a problem, they seemed so happy.
I felt very sad though,  tried my best to hide the tears starting to roll down my face and at that point realized how nagging I am when I complaint for silly reasons .... why do I keep forgetting the blessings in life, would blame it to the "human" in me, for animals wouldn't complaint,
they wouldn't keep account of times they get hurt or they don't have a heated nest to keep'em warm during those cold snowy days.

Not sure if you enjoy reading my usual sentiments....
I love to talk about life & people 😊

Coming to Pineapple Basundi ,  I had no idea that something like this (pineapple and condensed milk -mix ) exited in India , have heard about Rabri , that's a similar recipe , when milk is boiled to make it thick and condensed, but this recipe  is served with pineapple, flavor & texture of which makes this a perfect dessert. Thanks to my whatsapp friend Jaya for this recipe and to all the food lovers and cooking experts for those inspiring photos,  I also see love they serve with food :) 
Its late for a Mother's day wish but Mothers should be appreciated not just one day for all the sacrifices and pain...

This is not the traditional way,  as it would take more time to condense the milk,
instead I used the store bought condensed milk and evaporated milk (love the taste of evaporated milk hence used it here) 

Here's how I made this quick dessert  


Condensed milk - 1 tin
Evaporated milk - 1 tin  
Whole milk -  2 cups
Pineapple small chunks - 2 cups 
Sugar - 1 tbsp 
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
Saffron - few threads 
Pistachios & Almonds - 1/4 cup 

* Boil whole milk, evaporated milk and condensed milk in low flame until it starts to thicken (about 20 minutes) add cardamom powder, saffron threads and nuts.Allow to cool before refrigerating. 

* Heat pineapple with sugar in low for sometime (15 to 30 minutes) This step is optional,Pineapple pieces are added to the cooled milk without cooking the same.(I like the pineapples chunks to be little thicker in consistency so cooked it with little sugar)  

*When serving , add pineapple pieces(cooked or uncooked)  Pour cold milk mixture & top with some nuts.

And I will call this a cool summer dessert

Notes :

Use whole milk , boil the same to make it half the quantity and add enough sugar to sweeten it, I believe that's how its traditionally made, but as you know I haven't mastered patience yet so made it quick, adding evaporated milk gives it slight pink color and a very milk-ish taste which is optional. 
Try Basundi with different combinations , dry fruits (dates, almonds and pistachios alone ) or any other fruit that you prefer , keep fruits and milk separate, if you plan to keep this for more than a day in the fridge.  

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