Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Bombay Toast (Like French Toast)

I didn't have big plans when I started this year and as usual didn't make any New year resolution too , other than to post at least one recipe every month ,
so I tried many interesting recipes to start but most of it didn't turn up good to post it here :(

So posting another simple breakfast recipe today :(

I like the word "simple"  than "Complicated"


Bread Slices - 5 No's (white ,brown or anyother)
Milk - 2 cups
Eggs (large) - 1 No
Sugar - 1/2 cup (Or more if your like)
Vanilla essence -  few drops (or a pinch of Cardamom powder or Nutmeg) what ever you prefer.
Butter  to toast - 2 tbsp (or more if serving these for kids)

For decoration - Added some chocolate chips, syrup & Confectioners sugar
(That's how I try to tempt my fuzzy eater )


* Beat well Eggs & sugar , slowly add milk and essence (or powder), keep aside when well combined.

* Heat a pan (preferably non stick pan , or coat the surface with some oil, when pan is hot enough, reduce the temperature to medium.

* Dip both the sides of bread slices in the beaten Egg- milk mixture,

* Toast each sides of the bread with some butter in the heated pan for not more than 4 minutes, until the sides starts to turn brown.

For those who haven't had a great start, its never late , keeping positive spirit  is the best thing we can do to ourselves.


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