Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Halloween - The Eve of the Feast of "All Saints Day" a day for the Dead observed by the Christians World Wide. The Word Halloween means Hallowed Evening or Holy Evening.
The tradition of carving Pumpkin is associated with the Harvest time and also there are some stories of "Jack-O'-Lantern " which is placed outside houses at this time of the year to scare away any spirits if ever they come for a visit ;)

Anyways its kept as a Halloween decoration so I also carved some pumpkins.

Nadia wanted a happy face , so tried to carve a Happy Witch :)

Here's some goodies for Halloween Party.

Got some happy faced Worms too

Make some chocolate cup cakes , spread crushed chocolate cookies over the cake and place Jelly Worms on top

Make some Mummy Dogs -

Super easy if you have Crescent dough , may try making it with any dough , left over pizza dough should work perfect for these.
May use cheese while you wrap the sausages , make strips with the dough and wrap each sausages, may give some milk wash (Brush the top part with some milk) Bake in 370 Preheated oven for 10 Minutes or till done.

I had to explain what a "MUMMY" is to NA as she knew only one "MOMMY" till yesterday

And some Meringue Ghost I made the other day , had posted it here last week :)

Click Meringue Ghosts Cookies - Recipe

 And finally NA could wear her Halloween Costume, to her school , all excited :)

Happy Halloween !


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