Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Orange Sponge Pudding

This Sunday we had world's one of the most watched soccer match , they name it  ' El Clasico ' the match between two big Spanish football teams Real Madrid and Barcelona.
You know what ??? I didn't know the meaning of El Clasico till last sunday when Soccer man made fun of my ignorance...
So what .....Now I know :) I think I know more than him , now that I read all about it in Google ;)

And Barcelona Won - for me and my NA , more than watching the game , it was fun to watch Soccer man so very excited and kissing Messi - via Television screen....

I remember once when we were in India , Soccer man asked one of his friend who was in England to bring a jersey of one of his favorite soccer player , I was alarmed to see how he took care of that  T-shirt , first week he placed it on our couch - in our guest room , I was not allowed to touch it  and the second week he wore it & went to play....So I had to touch it to wash the same ,

and then the tragedy ....

I washed it and kept the same to sun dry it , on our balcony the next day it got stolen -

WHAT ???

and there was a whole lot of questions I had to answer , Why that particular T shirt got stolen , why I placed it to dry outside  ????

 why did I wash it ?? I asked myself....

Anyways , now you have an Idea Why I call my husband  " Soccer Man "

To celebrate Messi's win Barcelona's win , we made an Orange Pudding , may call it pudding as,
 if not baking in a tray half filled with water , may also steam it , but I didn't like it much as there's too much orange in there , though other two people here enjoyed it.

Found this recipe in Youtube - but no translation there


Orange juice - 1/3 cup
Orange zest - 1/2 Tb sp
Vanilla extract - a few drops
Egg - 3
Sugar powdered - 3/4 cup
Milk - 1 cup
All purpose flour - 3 Tb Sp
Butter - 2 Tb sp
Salt a pinch


* Divide Egg white and yolk.

* Beat Egg white nicely with an egg beater with a pinch of salt , till stiff peaks form , like you do for meringue cookies , beat till the egg white doubles , keep aside.

*In an other bowl , Mix with a wooden spoon , butter and sugar till light and fluffy , then add lightly beaten egg yolk, continue mixing with the spoon till nicely combined.

* Add then Orange zest and vanilla extract , add the flour and mix well.

* Then add the orange juice and milk , combine everything well , the batter will be loose in consistency.

* Fold in the egg white mixture to the orange pudding mixture , do not stir vigorously just need to fold in the egg white to the pudding mixture.

*Pour this mixture to a greased baking dish and place this baking dish in to another bigger baking tray half filled with water.

* Bake in a 325 degree Preheated oven for 30 to 40 minutes till the outside looks light brown.
Turn the oven off and cover the pudding with an aluminium foil and keep it back again in to the oven - let sit for some time (1 hour )  and then its ready to serve.

*May serve it as a hot pudding too but I kept it in the refrigerator to let it cool.

Am not sure if this is how it should be as I haven't tasted it before,
Mine was light brown - cake like texture out side and the inner part soft , like the texture of a steamed bread pudding....

An Orange-yy Delight

Notes :

          While beating the egg white , make sure you use a dry bowl and the beater also is dry , as even a bit of water prevents'em from foaming up.

           Didn't take pics while making these , Click Here for a bread pudding recipe , where I have picture of how to "steam - bake " a pudding.

Enjoy !!

Cheers Barcelona :)

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