Monday, January 27, 2014

Idiyappom / Kerala Style Rice Noodles

That's our family favorite Break fast , its a dish which can be made super fast too but need to know the correct consistency , while making the dough , not Rocket Science again ,follow the correct measurements while making these for the first time and then within your third time you make these , you'll be an expert. 
I was a sleep addict before but after I had my NA , I am not able to enjoy sleep as I used to before, Thank God :) still I am lazy to wake up in the morning and make Breakfasts , first thing I do in the kitchen with my eyes only half open will be boiling water for tea.
The Tea kick-starts me...
The day we have Idiyappom for Breakfast , I'll first keep the water in the steamer , then start with the other things and these are ready within 15 -20 minutes.


Rice Flour - 1 cup 
Water - 1 and 1/4 cup 
Salt to taste 
Ghee - 1 table spoon (or use coconut oil ) Optional
Coconut grated - 1/2 cup (or less) 


* Boil water in a vessel , when it starts to bubble add salt and 1/2 tbsp ghee (if using) , and keep the heat in medium to low , slowly add the rice flour , stirring vigorously till all that flour are added in. 

Managed to click.......

* Stir to make a dough , if it seems to be watery , just keep stirring these in the pan till it gets absorbed and forms a dough , the dough then sticks to the spoon used to stir. Switch off the heat.

Transfer dough to an other vessel once the heat is switched off , the dough otherwise tend to dry. 

* Prepare the steamer. Grease the Idiyappom press / Chakli Maker and also the Idli plates or any base plate which you keep for steaming. Banana leaves are the best to steam these if you have or manage to get banana leaves ,do give it a try. 

* Place 1 table spoon of coconut (or how much ever you like) to the greased plate. Fill the Idiyappom maker with the dough , and squeeze the dough.

Managed to take this one too.......

* Steam these for 5 to 10 minutes in medium heat.
* Serve with Egg Roast , we had it with Milk and sugar. These are served with coconut milk and sugar too , I enjoy it with banana but soccer man doesn't like the idea of squeezing banana with these so I have it when he's not around :) 

That's a Healthy Breakfast with a bit of Sunshine !! 


         : While making the dough , if it seems to be dry , sprinkle water while stirring these in low heat.
         : Prevent the dough from drying by covering it with a wet cloth. 


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