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I am Tara , author of theeatgallery.blogspot.com.

About Me 

I hail from "Alleppey" in the southern most state of India called "Kerala". Did my Masters in Dietetics & worked in Apollo Hospitals– Bangalore , India for sometime.We moved to the United States 6 years ago. Though initially we were like migratory birds, we kept on moving to different places ,am glad that at present we have made our small nest here in a very beautiful place called - Salt Lake City. 

Pictures of my native place Alleppey - Kerala - India

How I started "Cooking Isn't Rocket Science"

Got inspired from my sister in law who started a blog , out of her passion for cooking , this along with motivation from my friends and  a little of knowledge I received through my most preciously attained degree in food science, drove me to start a blog where food is not only enjoyed but also explored, I have tried not to exploit it though.
I think I am trying to escape the  guilt  feeling of being unproductive , anyways this keeps me happy.
I have to write about My Achachen (Dad) here...Am not sure if cooking and love for food comes with one's gene as my Dad was a lover of good food.He was the first person who inspired me to love food and cook with passion. He passed away 3 years ago after being diagnosed with Cancer and I had a life changing experience during those last days with him, while in his deathbed , his words wasn't clear he asked for some fish curry and Kanji (Rice porridge) and I served him fish without permission from his Doctors, few memories which never fades. 
With Gods Grace I am  married to a food lover too , a true food analyst. But I love serving food to those who enjoy it , love watching them eat and always happy to hear constructive criticisms which helps everyone to improve. And we are blessed with two daughters,

A 7 year old helper of mine who's another tough food analyst and a fuzzy eater and a 1 year old baby who keeps me engaged all day long. 
I was taught that MAN IS WHAT HE EATS , I believe it too 
so lets eat healthy and enjoy the good things that God has given us in this life.

Happy to Welcome you to my blog ” The eat gallery “

To the readers : Not promising healthy dishes all the time but most likely healthy and nutritious Indian and world recipes to the best of my abilities do I promise.

To my family : Thanking you all for your great support and inspirations.

Kindly write to me, your remarks and any criticism to,  taramuricken@gmail.com 
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Thanks for visiting my space and spending your valuable time, 

Happy Cooking !