Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Port Wine / Grape Wine

The history of Port Wine in Kerala/India : That's a long long story I guess .....in short - A story of Portuguese influence in Kerala , as Port wine is a Portuguese wine. These are sweet Red wine.

Its a pleasure for the Homemakers in Kerala to make these at home during Christmas season and one thing I cannot omit is that its now almost a custom to serve this Port Wine and the Kerala Plum cake (which is made during the Christmas season ) to the newly wedded couples when they visit their relatives for the first time....
Initially I thought Wine has to be made in a "Baranni " A unique  earthen ware , which can be made air tight ,which is also dark in the inside and doesn't allow light to pass in but then I read in a couple of blogs that "Barani" is not a mandatory thing in making wines , so thought to try making wine in a glass container , the people here uses these container for dry storage , what so ever , Soccer man with full-spirit bought for me this glass ware and I decided to try making this wine half minded as there wasn't 21 days left for Christmas to try these , 21 days is the minimum to make wine that's what I have heard , anyways I strained my wine today kept these for 19 days  and am supposed to keep it untouched for another 7 days , don't ask me why that's how it is , I really don't know the reason , need to do some research , may be the time for the sediments to settle down or something , wine experts forgive me if I am wrong....

This is how my mummy used to make and her wine was appreciated much so thought to follow the same recipe.


Equal Quantity of seedless Grapes & Sugar - I took 3 kg each.
Water - 2 liters 
Yeast - 3 tsp 
Wheat Kernels/ Godambu - a hand full or more  
Cinnamon and cloves - few (Optional) 


* Boil water and cool completely. 
* Wash the grapes and steam it just for 5 minutes in a steamer or Idli maker , steaming is optional. 

* Blend half of the total grapes in a blender for just a few seconds , just for crushing the grapes.
* Clean the container and layer first the whole grapes (which is not blended) followed by little sugar and then the crushed grapes and the procedure of layering sugar and grapes goes on till the whole ingredients are arranged , inside the container.
*Pour the boiled and cooled water to the container.
* Add in half of the wheat kernels in a muslin/cheese cloth along with the whole spices , twist and tie the cloth to make it like a small bag. put this bag in side the container with the grape mixture.
* Add in, the left over wheat kernels and yeast on to the grapes and close the container tight. Keep it in a comparatively warmer and dark place.
* Stir this mixture daily with a dry wooden spoon , not sure why a wooden spoon ,I sometimes used a metal spoon to stir it though.
*On the 21st day ,strain it using a muslin / cheese cloth , transfer to clean glass bottles or to an air tight container.

Tips : I like burgundy color so I added 1 Beetroot to the wine mixture , just cut and put that in. Can add caramelized sugar syrup too gives it a different color. I was lazy to caramelize sugar so went with the easy way.  

     : Steaming and blending are not necessary ,can make it with simple whole grapes without much fuzz I did it because I couldn't keep these for a full 21 days , thought this would make the process easier .

Merry Christmas 


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